We are tight bunch that solves together to reach best possible solution
We crafted brilliant marketplace and chain solution
Income Generated
Product Images Shared
Pitchers of Beer Consumed
Impact or Nothing! What Makes Us
The engneering team is one of the diverse wholesaller form diffrent technology background but we are all uinited by common passion serving global proram with great software. We are building the marketplace selleing nad buying experience applying machine learning to make selling easy. These ar e the things we do in wholesaller engneering and those are the reason we are always so excited about going to work everyday.
We Do Things Differently
Everyone at Wholesaller grows across and within domains, and wears many hats
Ideators, Co-creators
At wholesaller, programmers know business. We talk to end users to understand their concerns. We don’t follow structured PRDs. We question, refer to business basics, ideate and create alternate solutions, before committing action to code.
Impact Pushers
Creating for scale is a responsibility, a calculated challenge, also the biggest perk of our job. To see how a small feature suddenly shows impact at scale - we’re talking 10,00,000+ users, that kind of validation is priceless!
Incurable Party-Heads
While razor-focused at work, we’re equally single-minded about our rounds of beer. We work hard, party hard and head over to the dozen odd hangouts that line our work street, every week!
Meet the Team
Gamers, market sharks, chai-lovin’, beer-chuggin’ cricket lovers, we are a tight bunch that solve together to reach the best possible solution. Our True North - Care for the customer and high Play Store Ratings!

Everyone knows of Prayash’s love for technology and innovation and worked at international finance last 8 years. He’s choosy about his team, with a fine sensor for good performers and low bullshit tolerance. While Wholesaller’s grown up and across so fast, he’s stuck steadfast to his love for building and innovation.

Prayash Meher
Founder & CEO

Sujit Pradhan loves coding called hardcore coder with making hightechnology product won’t admit it himself, but he’s unassumingly passionate with a slow fire burning underneath. He believes ‘‘Why repeat when you can automate.

Sujit Pradhan
Senior Backend Developer

Chandrakanta loves coding. He likes building things, always awed by what vision can translate to. He’s a hustler, workaholic, a high-energy introvert, a fast-learner who spends time figuring things out.

Chandrakanta Panda

Shivram loves digital marketing. he is telling marketing strategies is how we win in the market tactics are how we then deliver on the strategy and execute for success .He always puts the end user at the centre of things, while seeing what a new feature means for the company.

Shivram Mishra
Head of Digital Marketing

Subham in one word - Batman, because he can do everything! Coder, designer, photographer, comic book nerd, psychology digger and a great cook over the weekends. He considers the bigger picture before executing the details. His holy grail - keep it easy for the developer and high utility for the user.

Subham Routray
Android Developer

Kaushik in one word - Batman, because he can do everything! Coder,photographer, He thrives on problem-solving, finding it hard to switch off even on weekends..

Kaushik Panda
Android Developer

Diva loves fashion and creating new things on product design. She once founded an on-chat concierge service becoming a jack of marketing, data, operations and more. Her motto - follow the shortest path to getting things done.

Diva Mehera
Product Manager

Pratik has strong understanding of the concepts of probability, statistics and machine learning.Experience of working closely with business users to understand their requirements and suggest Data Science based solutions to solve business problems.

Pratik Panda
Analytics Engineer Machine Learning
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